Quick Take: Continued Learning

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Being in my current situation I am jobless. In fact I’ve been jobless for the longest I’ve ever been and the lack of interest in my job site profiles is really starting to bother me to the point that it’s just racing thoughts all around my brain about all sorts of different focal points.

One of these focal points is continued learning. You see, a large reason I left to go to a VAR was to be forced to stay on the forefront of new topics and technologies of interest in the I.T. field. Now that I am in a situation where I’ll be strong handed into any job I have to try and convince myself to not rationalize this fear I have.

That fear is getting stuck in an enterprise role where nothing moves fast and you get stuck in legacy technologies without the ability to move forward. However, I know this isn’t true as I have quite a few friends in enterprise roles that can school me on many new technologies. The truth is I can keep up in my free time with tools such as books, lab environments, video courses, etc. Which would then put me in a position to advise and help drive the enterprise role towards modern technology and idea’s and still progress myself as well.

That’s it, that’s my quick take.

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