Cisco Live 2019 – On Site – Last Minute Checklist

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It’s crunch time! Many of you may have already left for a few extra days before the event, others aren’t leaving until this weekend. Either way, there are a few things you want to be sure you have on hand and ready for Cisco Live in San Diego!

The Tech

It’s a Technology Conference! There is plenty of to remember.

  • Laptop (If you so choose)
  • Power Cord (If you use a Mac bring that extra extension, power might be a bit far away)
  • Tablet (Some choose this route over a laptop)
  • Power Cord for Tablet
  • Phone
  • Phone Charger
  • External Battery Pack


Apps are your gateway to a lot of information for use on your way to, and at the conference.

  • This CiscoEvents App (your gateway to CiscoLive, it contains Maps, Inteneraies, and more)
  • Your favorite twitter app (its a whirlwind of news, if you are not on twitter get on twitter!)
  • Calendar (for extra events you get invited to at the conference, or to add quick reminders for yourself)
  • Notes app (quick voice memos, quick text reminders, there will be things you want to follow up on!)
  • Airline App (always useful for flight information and updates. Many airlines also offer free in flight entertainment via their app so load that up on the tablet if you have one)
  • Contacts (this sounds goofy but it useful. I put my hotels address and contact in there so I can find it quick for ride shares or if I simply forget)

The Usual

It is a trip after all. Make sure you have all your regular travel essentials!

  • Light Jacket or Sweater for the conference center
  • Your weeks worth of clothing
  • Sunglasses
  • Toiletries
  • Hotel Information
  • Flight Information
  • House Sitters/Watchers
  • Mail Held or Forwarded
  • Pet Sitters/Watchers
  • Suitcase with room to spare for the swag
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