2017 – Whats in my bag

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The new year just sprung upon us. This is usually when I go through my bag and reorganize. I figured hey why not post what I carry. I know, it’s nothing new nor original. I’m surely not the first person to do this post. I always find it interesting though to see what others carry so maybe someone is interested in my daily carry.

2017 Carry Bag

So, here we go. Lets start with the top left and move through from there.

  • Super Glue
    • I always end up ripping a finger or knuckle home on something. Super glue it the go to fix
  • Pain Reliever
  • Extra Pair of Contacts
    • Hey, I’ve lost one before and it isn’t fun being half blind
  • Visine
    • Again, contacts…they tend to dry out in datacenters
  • Bose Soundsport bluetooth headphones
    • For conference calls, general listening. Paired with laptop and phone
  • Laptop Charger
  • Kobalt 6x speed driver and bits
    • Seriously the coolest and most efficient screwdriver. Each turn and back cycle = 6 spins.
  • Small LED flashlight
  • Old Wacom Tablet for drawing diagrams on projectors when whiteboards aren’t available
  • Fluke Networks rollup pouch
    • Holds misc cables and adapters
  • The original Air Console.
    • Freedom from the rack!!!
  • Stock iPhone headphones and charger
    • No I haven’t upgraded to the 7
  • Thumb Drive and SD card
  • Whiteboard Markers
  • Console Cable
  • Battery Pack
  • Metallic Sharpie
    • Ever need to take notes about cables on a black network rack?
  • Pen and Pad of paper
    • Sometimes you just have to write analog style
  • Laptop
  • Bose QC 15 cans
    • Again, haven’t had a reason to upgrade but love noise canceling when necessary


So where does it all go? It seems like a lot listed out but to be honest it barely fills up the backpack I carry. I currently carry an OGIO Renegade RSS. Plenty of room for more than you need. Also, before anyone asks “what? No box cutter?!”. Daily carry is a Gerber Paraframe of sorts on my person.




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