CCNA – HSRP Config – Prempt- Priority – Version

This lab will cover the topics 5.5.a, 5.5.b, and 5.5.c HSRP Priority, Preemption, and Version from the Cisco Certified Network Associate (CCNA) blueprint. It will test your understanding and knowledge of configure DHCP Servers on Cisco IOS devices. Please use the initial configurations as a template for your lab utilizing whatever console means you have (GNS, Physical Gear, VIRL, etc).


In this lab we will configure the First Hop Redundancy Protocol calls Hot Standby Router Protocol (HSRP). This is a two part lab. The first part we will configure “Legacy” HSRP. In part two we will configure HSRPv2. The initial config files contain the starting configs that will be used for both labs. They set up routing and DHCP for you.

Configure R1 Eth1/0 with address
Configure R2 Eth1/0 with address
Configure HSRP on R1 and R2 using the Virtual IP address of
Ensure PC can obtain a DHCP address and ping with either R1 or R2 failing.

Rebuild HSRP using group number 4000
Use Virtual IP address of
R1 should be active whenever it is online. If it is to fail and come back it should take over as the active forwarder.



Remove Old

COnfigure V2

Simulate R1 Failure





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